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The art of travel

I recently discovered the marvelous travel poster art created by Polish artist Stefan Norblin (1892-1952). Trained as a painter, Norblin had a diverse career as a portrait painter, muralist, costume designer, illustrator, and interior decorator. When the Germans invaded in … Continue reading

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Chain Gang

When the public library in Rawicz, Poland needed to move its entire collection from it’s 70 year-old library to a new building 350 meters away it put out a call for help from the local community. On November 25, 2022, … Continue reading

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Happy To Chat

I recently ran across this project in Krakow, Poland known locally as Gaduławka, or happy to chat. It is an upgraded bench that encourages people to talk to each other. This simple nudge in the form of an inviting sign … Continue reading

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Every Book Is An Adventure

The brilliant folks from Poland’s WowWow Studio street art collective recently completed a wonderful mural across from an elementary school in the historic town of Srem near Poznan in western Poland. The work is designed to encourage children to read.Works … Continue reading

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Bench Press

Poland’s Zaczytani Foundation recently completed the installation of a series of benches modeled on open books. The colorful seating, which can be found in the center of Warsaw, Gdansk, Kracow, Poznan, and Wroclaw, references works by famous Polish writers, such … Continue reading

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Europe, 2016

I am constantly in awe of the process and artistry involved in street art mural work. This short video observes the brilliant Polish muralist BEZT from the ETAM Cru collective as he creates a gorgeous piece titled simply “Europe” in … Continue reading

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Station Culture

Rumia, Poland is a small city just outside of Gdansk. When the local government decided to revitalize the old railway station, they decided to incorporate the public library in the project. The combined transit station/cultural center has now won the … Continue reading

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The Escapist

Regular visitors to TBTP are well aware of my inordinate enthusiasm for old school print travel magazines. So, it will be no surprise that I’m a big fan of The Escapist from the editors of MONOCLE. Each issue of this … Continue reading

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Plastic Labyrinth

Even infrequent visitors to TBTP know how I feel about the brilliant Spanish street art collective known as Luzinterruptus. So, it’s about time to catch-up with the anonymous crew of environmental pranksters. Last month they used thousands of discarded plastic … Continue reading

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Beautiful Poland

H/T to our old friend Ula Wolodkowicz for this wonderful aerial tour of beautiful Poland. If you’ve had doubts about ever visiting Poland, this should be the tipping point. The video—via Nokia air copter—is by Artur Gajdzinski of ArtCamBiz.

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