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See Venice And Die (or take a number)

I feel very lucky to have visited Venice before the advent of cruise ships and budget airlines. During my earliest trips to La Serenissima, it was possible to enjoy the city without hoards of cruise ship passengers and daytrippers. In … Continue reading

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travel expectations vs reality


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Venice: Mind Where You Step

Back in early October, I posted a story about German freelance photographer Sebastian Erras’ project Parisian Floors which documented his peregrinations around the French capital. Now he’s at it again, but in Venice. Based on these beautiful images, it appears … Continue reading

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Whimsical Landscapes

Even in this golden age of digital travel photography, I still love old fashioned travel postcards. I’m not embarrassed in the least to admit that I still return home from most trips with a stack of kitschy cards. The very … Continue reading

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A map is a territory…

As part of an exhibition called Contemporary Venice, Geneva-based artist/illustrator Istvan created a stunning series of city maps that blend uncannily with their environments . Printed on large panes of acrylic, the maps represent the indelible connection between urban areas and … Continue reading

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Don’t Make This Mistake in Venice

The city council in Venice, Italy has introduced a law that can result in fines of €100 to €500 for dragging wheeled luggage or baggage across the city’s cobblestone streets or walkways. The law was enacted to address two issues: … Continue reading

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Drone Day Tuesday

If you can’t travel this summer, you can at least take brief mini-vacations thanks to some very talented drone-operating videographers.

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Monday is majorly miscellaneous

French Lessons What comes Afterglobe ? Isn’t a great bookstore worth traveling for ? See if these inspire. Venice is a time machine. Do you know the French Raymond Chandler ? If you can’t reach me, I’ll be spending the … Continue reading

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No Luggage Required

The luxury retailer Louis Vuitton has been slowly rolling-out a collection of limited edition travel books that is being sold in its boutiques. Each of the guides is being illustrated by a different international artist. The initial four books in … Continue reading

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They Heart NYC

Growing up in the New York metropolitan area in a family composed of 100% native New Yorkers, I always expected everyone to love New York City. So, it was no shocker to find that a survey of travel journalists voted … Continue reading

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