Too needy


I’ve never stayed at the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam, but I enjoy their amusing advertising campaigns. Previous efforts have included “Now a door in every room” and “Sorry for being wonderful at not welcoming you”, as well as the cringeworthy before and after photos of hotel guests.

The Hans Brinker’s newest campaign is a heavy-handed series of posters and short videos pleading for likes. So, if you’ve stayed at this centrally located hostel/hotel, and you’ve had a positive experience, why not give them a like.




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Qwerty Portraits


Brazilian artist Álvaro Franca uses old electric and manual typewriters to create these amazing portraits of iconic authors like J.D. Salinger, Clarice Lispector, Charles Bukowski and Jack Kerouac. This little video demonstrates how it’s done.






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What’s a Brooklyn handshake


Puerto Rico-based street artists Bik Ismo—aka Joshua Santos Rivera— recently completed this striking commentary on American urban life in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC.



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Beautiful Scotland

Last year photographer John Duncan spent eight months crisscrossing Scotland to create this stunning homage to a beautiful country. Covering iconic locations from Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye and Ben Nevis to The Kelpies, Duncan used a Phantom 2 Quadcopter with a GoPro 3+ to capture the gorgeous footage. Whatever your views on the nation’s independence vote, I’m sure you’ll agree with the title “Beautiful Scotland”.

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What makes San Francisco San Francisco


I love quirky hand drawn maps and I’m a big fan of London-based illustrator and cartographer Jenni Sparks, whose funky maps capture the spirit of great cities. Sparks has created a dizzyingly detailed map of San Francisco that’s just jam-packed with recognizable, well known landmarks and insider reference that will challenge the viewer to learn more about the city.



Sparks’ process involves immersion in a city—taking photos, sketching, interviewing residents and watching films and documentaries about the place. Then she hides out in her studio for months creating her fantastic maps with clever typography and a cartoony aesthetic.



If you’re interested in seeing more of her work, click here, and if you’d like a print of her San Francisco map click here.



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America’s Favorite Family

You’ve loved the Simpsons for years, but how well do you really know America’s favorite family ? Now their creator Matt Groening’s new book The Simpson Family (Abrams) reveals a quarter of a century of Simpson facts in a fun format. Even diehard fans will discover secrets that turned these animated characters into America’s favorite family.

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Welcome to Wigtown

National BOOK town 169

Located in beautiful Dumfries and Galloway, Wigtown is Scotland’s National Book Town. Often overshadowed by Hay-on-Wye, south-west Scotland’s own has always tried harder. Now, Wigtown has come up with the “Open Book” project, which will offer bibliophiles and other creative types the opportunity to live in and manage a local bookshop for a period of up to six weeks over the next year.


The bookshop (formerly called Book Corner), which will be renamed Open Book” for the project, is located in charming 19th century building with attached living facilities on Wigtown’s High Street.


This intriguing project was inspired by American writer Jessica Fox, who moved to Wigtown on a whim to work in a local bookshop.

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Which Banned Book Are You

Banned Books Week runs through September 27th. To help us celebrate the freedom to read, Columbus State Library has created a neat quiz to help discover “Which Banned Book Are You ?”. It appears that I’m Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer.


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Vanity Is Useless


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Most of Us Are Guilty


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