Art of the Journey


Back in 2013, Dutch designer/curator/agency director Jeroen Smeets launched a brilliant project that combined his love for art and for travel. The Jaunt recruits artists to visit a place that they have never been and to create an original work of art inspired by the locale. Once they have returned, a limited edition print is produced and then sold to finance the trip.




Thirteen artists have participated in the project so far and now ten of the trips are documented in “The Jaunted Book”. The inspiring volume (which is available online) offers uncommon insights on the impact of travel on the artistic process.





The video below chronicles project artist David Shillinglaw’s visit to Denmark for The Jaunt.

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Paris: 75 Hours

Paris: 75 hours in under 2 minutes is a wonderful timelapse video documenting London-based French illustrator Guillaume Cornet’s project drawing a Parisian neighborhood.

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Beautiful Barcelona


If you have ever visited Barcelona, you likely returned home raving about the city’s stunning architecture. Now along with Barcelona’s grand townhouses, mansions, museums, churches, and historical sites hundreds of late 19th and early 20th century small retail buildings are getting special legal protection from alteration or destruction.


City planners have designated more than 200 cafés, pharmacies, bakeries, clothing shops, and other retail spaces built in Barcelona’s home-grown art nouveau modernista style as off limits to developers. Among the architectural treasures being protected are the famous Els Quatre Gats café, the Pastisseria  Escribà on the Rambla, and the Café de L’Opera in the Bari Gotic.






04Farmàcia Galup

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Listen to the sound of the rain

James Chapman is a doctoral student in physics with a consuming passion for comics, graphic design and art.


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Maybe They Should Call It Seussville


Springfield, no not the home of the Simpsons, but Springfield, Massachusetts the home town of Dr. Seuss, has announced plans to open the world’s first museum dedicated to the beloved children’s book author. The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum is set to open in June of 2016 as part of the Springfield Museum complex. The “Seusseum” will include books, artifacts, artwork, and recreations of a “Seussian” version of locales in old Springfield that inspired Theodor Seuss Geisel’s iconic books. The museum will also expand the current adjacent Dr. Seuss National memorial Sculpture Garden.





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Whimsical Landscapes


Even in this golden age of digital travel photography, I still love old fashioned travel postcards. I’m not embarrassed in the least to admit that I still return home from most trips with a stack of kitschy cards.


The very talented London-based, Italian artist Caterina Rossato has elevated the humble travel postcard to high art with her remarkable 3D collages. Layering cut-outs from multiple postcards, she creates unique sculptural landscapes.


Rossato is currently the artist in residence at the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Massa in Venice. You can see more of her imaginative work on her website.





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Back to basics


Visitors to the U.S. are often shocked to discover that we have only one truly nationwide bookstore chain remaining. That company, Barnes & Noble, has just 700 stores unevenly spread around the country. The past few years, B&N has strayed widely from its literary roots with more and more shelf space devoted not to printed books, but to gifts, gadgets and e-readers. But now the chain is once again promoting itself as the place for books with a neat set of shopping bags that feature the first pages of classic novels, such as Alice in Wonderland, Moby Dick, The Wizard of Oz, and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.



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Space Invaders in Sweden


The Red Cross has teamed up with major airports in Sweden to help relieve travelers of their spare change while waiting for flights or luggage. Stockholm’s Arlanda and Goteborg’s Landvetter are the first airports to replace traditional collection boxes with arcade games like Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Galaga. If the concept works out, the Red Cross hopes to install arcade game boxes in more European airports.


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Luminous Words


If you are strolling the High Line in NYC during the next month or two, you may want to take step off for a short detour to visit the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in Chelsea for a fantastic new exhibition. Luminous Words showcases the wonderful book art by Seoul-based artist Airan Kang. Her radiant digital lighting books and photorealistic paintings of books with LED marquees paintings explore the ontology and evolution of the book as a source of intellectual illumination in our digital age.










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Choose Your Route


Back in the day, the only way for most folks to travel long distances in the U.S. was by bus. Most of the regional bus companies have disappeared due to the ease and affordability of air travel and the near universal auto ownership in the States. But for nearly a century the Jefferson Lines has been transporting travelers across the Midwest. From Kansas City to Minneapolis and from Fargo to Billings, the Jefferson Lines has provided efficient, inexpensive and comfortable travel options.

Not long ago, the company commissioned a wonderful series of retro-styled travel posters to celebrate some of their popular scenic routes. I hope that they’re going to cover the rest of the system, because these graphic route maps are just terrific.






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