The Original Cool


I was tickled to see that the Netherlands Board of Tourism has revived its 2013 “Original Cool” travel marketing campaign. The three new episodes, which will once again be hosted by Mr. Cool himself, Pim de Koel, are target at Americans who need a little help reaching the level of cool inherent in being Dutch. I’ve got the facial hair and biking bits down, now I just need to focus on the cheese.


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New York Noir

Geoff Tompkinson is an award-winning photographer, filmmaker and videographer who specializes in timelapse and hyperlapse videos. He has created stunning films in locals as diverse as Istanbul, Venice and the U.S.. His newest work is a stylish video called “New York Noir” which is a captivating hyperlapse video using selective color treatment to a brilliant effect.

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Kiev Renaissance


While most of the world has been attending to the conflict between Putin’s puppets and Ukrainians struggling for some semblance of self-determination, the gifted French street artist Seth GlobePainter and his Ukrainian friend Alexsey Kislow decided to enliven Kiev with a mural titled “Renaissance”. The polychromatic piece took a week to complete, with imagery hinting at a hopeful future for Ukraine. Seth and Kislow plan to buoy spirits with more wall art around the city in coming weeks.



images © Alexey Kislow and Marie Meneau

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Love Travel Guides


I was recently researching India travel guidebooks and stumbled across the beautiful, hand-crafted books from the Love Travel Guides series. Founder and publisher, Fiona Caulfield, believes that “Falling in love with a city is just as exciting as falling in love with a person”. Her passion for Indian travel is clearly evident in these gorgeous, carefully curated travel books for some of India’s most popular tourist sites.



Each book in the Love Travel Guides series is handmade in India. They are printed on handmade paper in Jaipur and produced by local designers. The book covers are hand -loomed in Andhra Pradesh and each guide is available with either khadi cotton or Mysore silk pouches.



Ten percent of the profits go to socially and environmentally responsible travel projects in India. You can purchase copies directly from the publisher here.







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Reading So Hard I Got Paper Cuts

A couple of years back you may have seen the hilarious parody of Jay Z and Kanye West called B*tches in Bookshops (see below) that was written and performed by La Shea Delaney and Annabelle Quezada. Now the pair are back with yet another biblio-video parody, this one is titled Hardcover Bound 2 (see below).

May be NSFW

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Supplementary Banksy


After his controversial residency in NYC last Autumn and a rejuvenating sabbatical in the Seycelles , Banksy has surfaced with two new and very different pieces. The first appeard in Cheltenham, England (coincidentally near the British Government Communications HQ) depicting three nefarious characters bugging an old phone booth. The second piece appeared on Banksy’s website and shows two lovers bathed in the glow of their smart phones.



By the way, I made up the part about the Seycelles; Banksy never tells me where he’s been.

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Around the World (by coffees)

I’m hopelessly strung out on coffee, but I can live with the shame. However, when I’m traveling, I sometimes find myself at a loss on the correct way to order a cup of joe. And when it comes to ordering local coffee specialties, I’m lost at sea. This handy infographic from the folks at Cheapflights UK may help all of us coffee fiends when we’re on the road.


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Revolutionary Reading Device

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Metro Maps Harmonized



Belgrade-born, Paris-based architect and map designer Jug Cerovic has created a brilliant system called !NAT which harmonizes transport network maps from around the world with unifying principles. Cerovic’s clever maps are easy to read and navigate, with crowded city centers enlarged to make room for complex lines and multiple stations. They also use a standard symbol set applied to each city’s system: line colors, station symbols and labeling. All of the text labeling uses both Latin and local language characters. The fonts are chosen to be legible on large format map displays and foldable pocket maps too.


Beginning with Paris, Cerovic has completed 12 system maps with more to follow. The maps are currently available for purchase online in 3 sizes and there will be smartphone apps in the future.







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Don’t Be One (possibly nsfw)

We’ve shared some clever public transit poster campaigns from around the world that aim to diminish anti-social behaviors which can put a damper on riding public transportation. The folks at the Poke in the UK have taken the concept to the next level with their own parody poster campaign. Some may find the wording NSFW.






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