Terry Pratchett Meets the Grim Reaper


If you don’t know who Terry Pratchett is, or you have not read any of his hilarious Disc World books, stop reading this blog and run out and buy a copy of any of his books right now.

In 2008, after he had just turned 62, the renowned British novelist was diagnosed  with early onset Alzheimers. This year Pratchett began the process to explore his assisted suicide options. Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die is a difficult film to watch, but powerfully moving film  in which the beloved author explores both his personal options and the cultural controversies  surrounding assisted suicide.

“What you’re abou to watch, may not be easy, but I believe it’s important… Is it possible for someone like me, or you, to arrange for themselves the death they want?”                                                                                                                                      

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1 Response to Terry Pratchett Meets the Grim Reaper

  1. faithmccord says:

    I love Terry Pratchett, he’s very original and funny. Tragic that he has this horrible disease.

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