What’s a Zipaaltje ?

Combining two ubiquitous symbols of Amsterdam—bikes and bollards—Zipaaltjes are new iconic features of the Amsterdam cityscape. The Zip project is designed to encourage rediscovery of public space by offering a comfortable place to enjoy the city. It invites Amsterdamers and visitors alike to consider the street as a social space instead of the domain of traffic. And Zip is all about re-use, recycling and re-examining the urban environment.

The nifty street-seats are fashioned from classic Dutch bike seats, which are randomly attached to amsterdammertjes along with nifty footrests for comfort. The project is the brainchild of the Jihyun David design group of Amsterdam and Turin, Italy. You find out more about the many projects by Jihyun Ryou and David Artuffo at the blog Ottantaocchi and Zipaaltje .


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One Response to What’s a Zipaaltje ?

  1. Cool, haven’t spotted them yet.

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