Save the Horses

For most New York City visitors, the horse drawn carriages of Central Park appear to be a quaint, nostalgic hold-over from an earlier time, or just another tourist trap to grab their dollars. But, what they really represent is plain and simple animal cruelty.

During the past two months, three sick or injured horses have collapsed on city streets, while one horse has died of untreated illness and neglect. Concerned New Yorkers and animal rights activists have been prodding the Bloomberg administration to end this blatant animal abuse. Now, a coalition of groups, including the ASPCA and NY-Class (New Yorkers for Clean, Livable and safe Streets), have come up with a brilliant alternative to the horse drawn carriages—vintage-look electric vehicles.

The suggested fleet of cars, which would seat six passengers and a driver, are reminiscent of late 19th century vehicles and can run entirely on lithium-ion batteries. The quaint looking cars would be convertibles for warm weather months.

A bill has been introduced to the New York City Council, but it has found little traction to date. You can help by visiting the NY-Class website and signing the petition today.

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