Would You Visit Napoleonland

In a baffling bid to increase tourism to France, Yves Jégo, Mayor of Montereau and Deputy from the Parti Radical, has announced plans to raise funding for a new French theme park dedicated entirely to Napoleon Bonaparte. Mayor Jégo suggests that the educational, family-oriented theme park will include a recreation (possibly animatronic) of the grisly execution of King Louis XVI, as well as grand reenactments of historic Napoleonic battles, such as Austerlitz. Napoleonland is expected to incorporate the usual hotels, restaurants and shopping malls, along with a history museum and convention center.

Mr. Jégo hopes that the park will be open by February of 2017 for the anniversary of the Battle of Montereau. He says that, “It’s going to be fun for the entire family”. I don’t know, suddenly Euro Disney doesn’t sound so awful after all.

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