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Is Manhattan Just a Theme Park ?

The brilliant folks at Black Sheep Films have magically transformed New York City’s iconic buildings and public spaces into amusement park attractions. In a reality bending mash-up, diector Fernando Livschitz has combined Manhattan’s renowned sites with rides from Coney Island‘s … Continue reading

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Would You Visit Napoleonland

In a baffling bid to increase tourism to France, Yves Jégo, Mayor of Montereau and Deputy from the Parti Radical, has announced plans to raise funding for a new French theme park dedicated entirely to Napoleon Bonaparte. Mayor Jégo suggests … Continue reading

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Beijing Wonderland

Construction began in 1998 on an ambitious project to build Asia’s largest and greatest amusement park . But since then the “Wonderland” project, outside of Beijing, has been scrapped after funding dried-up. Last year, UK photographer Catherine Hyland explored the … Continue reading

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