Amsterdam Aglow

There are only a handfull of places around the world where water is natually illuminated due to micro-organisms living in shallow waters, but now the Italian architect Carlo Morsiani has an ingenious plan to add one more surprising location to the short-list. Morsiani has come up with the very clever concept of using bioluminescent bacteria to transform Amsterdam‘s historic canals into glowing turquoise pools. The scheme suggests that the combination of Shewanella and Photobacta bacteria will both illuminate and clean Amsterdam’s iconic canal waters.

It may work, but should it be done ? What do you think ?

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5 Responses to Amsterdam Aglow

  1. Hannelore says:

    Looks soooo cool, but sounds risky to me.

  2. restlessjo says:

    It will look fabulous but there’s usually a down side to fiddling with nature? Short-term only?

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