Paris: free wi-fi and more

All photos © Felipe Ribon

The Mairie de Paris commissioned the firm JCDecaux to create the clever Escale Numérique , a “green” free wi-fi/gadget charging station/information kiosk at the Rond Pont des Champs-Elysées.

The Escale Numérique’s sheltered hotspot is equipped with stylish concrete swivel seating, electrical outlets and mini-tables. There’s also a large touchscreen station to provide information on city services, tourist guidance and news.

Thanks to the city government, you can also find 400+ free wi-fi (or wee-fee) hotspots in city parks, museums and libraries. Just look for the purple oval sign that reads “Paris Wi-Fi” .

And if that’s not enough free wi-fi for you, the internet provider GOWEX recently announced that they will offer free wi-fi access at a range of locations across Paris, including railway stations, some RER stations, bus stops and at least three large metro stations.

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1 Response to Paris: free wi-fi and more

  1. So wish I had a smart phone when I visited Paris last year 🙂

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