Salman Rushdie Says Thanks

Salman Rushdie recently issued an open letter to independent booksellers expressing his gratitude for their long support of his work. The image below offers the full text of his message.

“I have never ceased to be grateful for what the independent booksellers of America did in 1989 and, now that I have finally been able to tell the full story of that battle, I am glad to be able to honor your courage and give you all your due, both in the pages of my book and in what I will say about it when it is published. This is just to thank you personally. It was a privilege to be defended by you, and I have been trying, and will continue to try, to be worthy of that defense.”

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1 Response to Salman Rushdie Says Thanks

  1. I did not realize that so many people had taken a stand to support Salman Rushdie. But I am glad they did!

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