I continue to follow the path of Madrid-based artist Alicia Martin as she spreads her biblio-sculptural installations around Europe. The latest installation is a torrent of books which spill from the window of Den Haag’s Meermanno Museum as the centerpiece of the museum’s Paper Biennial 2012 . Not to worry, Martin utilizes donated, secondhand books that were headed to the pulper anyway.

The Meermanno Museum, housed in a stately 19th century townhouse, is a gem of a museum dedicated to the history of the book in Western Culture. The collection ranges from priceless medieval manuscripts to modern art books. This year’s Paper Biennial runs from September 1 to November 25th.

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5 Responses to Bibliotorrent

  1. Book avalanche! Run for your lives! 🙂

    Seriously, though, this is a fascinating idea. I bet a lot of passersby stop to take a look.

  2. I love Martin’s books, glad to see they’re on the move. Would you be happy for us to reblog?

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