Just 150 Years Ago


Tomorrow January 9th will mark the 150th anniversary of the first official passenger trip on what would become known as the London Tube. On that momentous occasion, the Metropolitan Railway made its inaugural trip of 3.7 miles between Paddington and 7275_1_348_348_FFFFFF_0Farringdon stations. Over the course of that winter’s day in 1863, the underground steam train carried more than 40,000 passengers and introduced the world to mass transit.


The London Transport Museum is celebrating with a year of special events. There will be several runs of the historic Metropolitan Railway Steam Locomotive No.1 coupled to Jubilee Rail Carriage No. 353. The museum wll be opening a year-long exhibtion of iconic tube art called “Poster Art 150” in February. And Tube enthusiasts will be able to get up close and personal with historic rolling stock at the Acton Depot on weekends.


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