Free is the way to travel

Rental car and camper companies need to move their vehicles between branches all of the time. In the U.S. we call them driveaway cars, but in Australia and New Zealand they call them relocation vehicles. The guest post below is from Robert Reeve on the numerous free car and camper opportunities that Transfercar offers.

Transfercar: Delivering a Win-Win Solution for Businesses and Consumers

Win-win situations tend to fall under the category of being ‘too good to be true,’ especially in the business world. However, Australian firm Transfercar have managed to deliver that very scenario, offering a leading service to their business partners as well as their clients.

Who are Transfercar?

Transfercar are an Australian based business that is able to offer free car hire to travellers that are looking to explore the majesty of the country. All that someone needs to do is to head onto the Transfercar website, check the current availability of free rental cars and campervans, and make a booking.

Okay, so this probably is still sounding a little bit ‘yeah, right,’ so let us explain how this works.


Facilitating Free Vehicle Hire

Transfercar aren’t a company that owns a lot of vehicles and gives out free hire just because they are a nice bunch of people (although they are that, too).

What Transfercar do, is work with many of the leading vehicle hire firms around Australia that need to have vehicles returned to a specific location. The rise in popularity of one way car hire means that rental firms in certain towns and cities will perennially find themselves with a lot of vehicles, while stations in other locations are under stocked.

Car hire firms now have a problem, in that they have customers kicking their door in for a vehicle in Brisbane, but all of their fleet is in Perth, for example. Their options are then to sit and wait for customers travelling from Perth to Brisbane, pay a high fee to a transportation firm to move the vehicles back, or talk to Transfercar.

Transfercar offers these companies a much more competitive rate than a transport firm would. Transfercar then advertises the cars that need to be relocated, and hires them out free of charge to anyone who is happy to take the car from A to B. This is where the win-win situation comes in.

Making it Work

Say Mike lives in Adelaide and wants to visit his relatives who live in Darwin, but he is short on money. Mike can log on to Transfercar’s website, see which vehicles are available on that route, and book himself a free journey to see his family. The car hire company in Darwin then looks forward to receiving the vehicle back from Adelaide, which it can then re-hire to another traveller and boost their own revenues.

It is a simple, easy to understand business model and operation, and one that will transform the Australian car rental sector, as well as attitudes towards travel, for many years to come.

This article is written by Transfercar, a car hire Australia service, providing travellers free transport for major cities in Australia.



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