Lonely Louvre


I’ve visited the Musée du Louvre in Paris three times in the last two years and not surprisingly it was ass-to-elbow, chockablock, bursting at the seams, swarming with throngs of tourists each time. Between the French school groups, enormous Chinese tour groups and an unusual number of Russians, it has gotten more and more difficult to enjoy the art work and the glorious museum itself.

Somehow Brooklyn-based, French photographer Franck Bohbot managed to get permission to shoot a series in the completely deserted museum. Take a look; you may never get another chance to see the Louvre this way.










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4 Responses to Lonely Louvre

  1. artmoscow says:

    Mona Lisa must be happy to be left alone for a few hours )

  2. When we went there was throngs of people trying to get a sneaky peak of the Mona Lisa; no-one even seemed to pay attention to the beautiful piece of art work of the opposite wall: it took up the entire space of that wall as well.

  3. Nora Bertoni says:

    Thanks a lot, it is wonderful to see beatiful and peaceful. Please keep on giving us pleasant moments.

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