Just Plane Revolting


What type of airplane passenger are you? I’d like to think that I’m considerate and patient, but that’s becoming more and more difficult with the crowded conditions and appalling behavior of other travelers. A recently released study commissioned by the European Union Aviation Advisory Board suggests that there are nineteen categories of airline passengers. You can see the detailed list at this website, but here’s a synopsis:

  • The Aisle Clogger . Can’t seem to stow their baggage and are constantly popping up to remove another essential item from the overhead.
  • The Armrest Hog. What’s so hard about sharing?
  • The Children. Screaming stinky infants, seat kicking toddlers, and wandering feral kids.
  • The Complainer . Let me count the whines.
  • The Couples . Not just the gropers.
  • The Disease Sharer. At least sneeze into your sleeve.
  • The Drinker. Aren’t there enough opportunities to get drunk after the flight?
  • The Easy-Going Passenger . Just me and you.
  • The Ill-Mannered. Too many to name.
  • The Luggage Hog. The carry-on rules don’t apply to him; he’s special.
  • The Odor Offender. “The Stinker” and not just the feet.
  • The Oversized Passenger. Seats are getting smaller and tighter, while the average flyer is ballooning.
  • The Personal Space Invader. The lounger, the spreader and the armrest hog.
  • The Recliner. At least warn me before slamming the seat back.
  • The Self-Important Passenger. Always flies Business Class, except on your flight.
  • The Sleeper. Hogs all the space and then snores the entire flight.
  • The Talker. “The Babbler”, the “lonely heart”, and the idiot who won’t just let you read.
  • The Techies. Does the “gadget guy” really need a laptop, iPad and iPhone on the plane?
  • The Toilet  . We all gotta go sometime, but don’t you just hate the “toilet line crasher”?



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