The Pods Are Coming


Have you ever been between flights at an airport and just wanted a place to take a nap or chill for an hour or two in peace. Maybe you’ve had a long layover but not enough time to leave the airport and find a reasonably priced hotel for a few hours of shuteye. Well, the GoSleep Pods might be for you. The light and sound proof capsules are already available in Helsinki, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and soon will be popping up at international airports all over.

For the price of around 9€ per hour (less for long rentals) pod users get a safe refuge in a bath tube-sized cocoon with luggage storage and gadget charging. Pillows, blankets and other amenities are extra.


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1 Response to The Pods Are Coming

  1. How good is this! I haven’t heard about these yet, crazy as I travel lots. Thanks will look into it!

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