Deco Still Inspires


I first discovered the very cool retro look illustrations from Danish artist Mads Berg when I did a story on the Canary Island tourist bureau rebranding last year. After running across more examples of his Deco-inspired poster and ad art this week, I decided to take another look.


I wasn’t surprised that his contemporary take on classic travel posters and ads is in demand by clients as diverse as Orangina, Monocle magazine, LEGOLAND and Swiss tourism.


Clearly drawing on iconic travel art by the likes of Jean-Gabriel Domergue, George Ham and Roger Broders, Berg’s cleverly designed, often featureless figures, allow the viewer to focus on the message rather than design details.





aiglon_07 kopier


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2 Responses to Deco Still Inspires

  1. Wow those are crazy cool. Microsoft no travel with Art Deco makes me smile. I never thought of Bornholm as a particularly sexy place but the photo makes me believe it.

    I did a travel poster post a while back but I much prefer your Art Deco theme!

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