Hendrix Redux


Between July 1968 and March 1969, Jimi Hendrix shared a third floor flat in London’s Mayfair neighborhood with his girlfriend Kathy Etchingham. For years, the apartment has been used as office space and storage for the Handel House Trust, which runs the next door George Frideric Handel museum dedicated to the 18th century composer . Now music fans of all stripes will be able to visit a newly revamped Handel Hendrix museum.


The exhibition space will continue to offer the fans of Messiah composer Handel an in depth examination of his life and work, while opening the Hendrix flat, which has been restored to its 1968 state. There are also displays of Hendrix clothing, guitars and memorabilia, along with a small onsite music and theater venue.



Tickets for the museum go on sale today, but the site won’t open to the general public until February 10, 2016.


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