Dispensing Culture


Distriboto is a brilliant project in Montreal that re-purposes old cigarette vending machines to dispense comic books, zines, poetry, stories, mini-CDs, pins,and assorted original artworks. Collaborating with more than 1,000 local artists and writers, the project loads old vending machines with items that all sell for $2.00, with $1.75 going to the creators. The machines are found around Montreal and Quebec City in bars, clubs, libraries, performance spaces, and cafés.




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2 Responses to Dispensing Culture

  1. These machines have long fascinated me, and I’ve written about them when I’ve run across them here in the Midwest! http://www.midwestguest.com/2009/10/affordable-accessible-art-at-the-art-o-mat-in-the-chicago-cultural-center.html

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