Islands of Sanity


If you are planning a visit to the United States after January 20, 2017, please consider using the map above to set your itinerary. You may miss out on some of the most spectacular sights and landscape, but at least you will be in contact with saner and more congenial natives. However, if you choose to spend time in any areas on the map below, be prepared to cope with the walking brain-dead, AKA Trump voters.

Please note that the islands of sanity include some of our greatest cities and areas of natural beauty. So, you won’t have to sacrifice culture, art, great food,and the environment to avoid the moronic, bigoted minority who chose a bloated orange, racist, misogynistic piss bucket for President.


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1 Response to Islands of Sanity

  1. Hexe says:

    I just wish you would have left out the last comment, about starting with to avoid the … you could just have said those who voted for him. Because when you stoop down to talk about anyone the way he does, you are no better and you cheapen everything else you may have said. We are stunned, upset, angry, and disillusioned, but we should stay civilized.

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