Light Up Winter


If you’ve ever visited Montreal during the winter months, then you know that it can be cold, dark and dreary, but each year the Luminothérapie festival discovers new and entertaining ways to dispel the gloom and lighten up the season. This year, artists Olivier Girouard and Jonathan Villeneuve have collaborated to create a temporary art installation that encourages public participation. The Loop was inspired by 19th century zoetrope machines, early cinema devices that used images in a spinning frame to create the illusion of motion. Loop participants sit in circular pods and move a bar back and forth to spin the device generating a colorful, strobing light show.


The entire Loop installation will move on to other Canadian cities, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and the U.S., but it will be accessible in Montreal until January 29, 2017.




images via Quartier des Spectacles

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