More Than Polar Bears

 Berlin-based German illustrator Christoph Niemann has created a charming visual diary of a seafaring expedition to the Arctic for National Geographic, told as an interactive story with illustrations, animation, photos and videos along with handwritten text.

North: An Illustrated Travelogue is a click-through storybook on National Geographic’s website that documents Niemann’s excursion to Norway’s Fjords and Arctic Svalbard. Each page of the online journal is different: some are a hybrid of photography and illustration, with the illustrator’s recognizable pen drawings, depicting his illustrated self, interacting with photos of the landscape. Others are entirely watercolor painted scenes, whimsically charming and capturing the magic of the rugged region of the world.Some pages purely feature Niemann’s handwritten notes, or annotated maps, while a few mix hand-drawn animation and video.

North: An Illustrated Travelogue is part of a campaign for National Geographic Expeditions, the travel agency arm of the National Geographic Society that sells tours and guided trips around the world. You can follow the journey right here.

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