Saving Iceland

At the heart of Iceland is Europe’s last great wilderness area. The Central Highlands, which comprise nearly 40% of the nation’s landmass, contains some of Iceland’s most precious natural treasures. The unique ecosystem of spectacular glaciers, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lava fields, hot springs, volcanoes, and rare vegetation is unlike any in the world.

Unfortunately, this pristine wilderness is under constant threat from international energy companies and developers that want to build dams, power stations, and high-voltage lines. None of these projects will benefit the people of Iceland, with the exception of a few kleptocrats. These multinational projects will destroy the country’s wilderness to provide cheap energy to polluters.

Even if you have never visited Iceland, you can encourage the government to protect this irreplaceable resource. Please visit the Halendid  (highlands) website and sign the petition to turn this precious wilderness into a national park. With tourism rapidly becoming Iceland’s biggest source of revenue, we have a unique opportunity to influence the protection of a global treasure.

h/t to Alda Sigmundsdóttir


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  1. Amazing photos! I want to go there, this time in summer.

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