Sweet Travels

All of my life I have suffered from what we in the U.S. call a “sweet tooth”. This is not a uniquely North American dental disorder—although it can lead to one. It is simply the ongoing craving for candy and other sweets. When I travel, I am compelled to sample as much of the local candy specialties as possible without succumbing to utter gluttony or thoroughly embarrassing myself. On my return trip home, it’s not unusual to find at least a kilo of chocolate bars and assorted candies in my backpack. So I was chuffed to hear about an Icelandic travel writer who has set up a candy-exchange to help foreigners access their favorite local treats.

Lilja Katrín Gunnardóttir, who edits the travel website Must See Icelandwill facilitate the exchange of Icelandic candy for some of your local specialty sweets. She hatched the notion for this brilliant project after receiving a request from a Boston resident who couldn’t find his family’s favorite Apollo brand licorice in the U.S.. After exchanging emails, they decided on a candy swap.

If like me, you have a craving for some lakkris, or better yet for some mindbending Icelandic licorice/chocolate combo candies, contact Lilja here to do a deal. Be prepared to negotiate for specific candy items, amounts, and shipping costs.

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