Travel Periodically

In 2014 Airbnb tried to launch a print travel magazine aimed primarily at their rental hosts, but only one issue of Pineapple ever made it to press. Now everyone’s favorite accommodation platform is partnering with Hearst Publishing to produce a new travel periodical.

Airbnbmag is scheduled to hit the newsstands on May 23rd. The magazine is once again targeted at Airbnb hosts, but this time the company wants to also attract Airbnb guests and travelers in general. With Airbnb rentals in 65,000 cities in 191 countries, it’s hard to see how they can fail.

The premiere issue, which will be priced at $3.99 US, will spotlight Cuba, Australia, Bali, London, Seattle, and Austin, Texas. Each issue will have four sections: “The Local” which offers advice on restaurants, shopping, and attractions from a resident’s perspective; “Stay” which will feature Airbnb rentals; “Roam” covering travel destinations; and “Belong” which aims to encourage more authentic and culturally sensitive travel.

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