Sleep Is For The Weak

Over the years I’ve tried ever possible gimmick to manage to get some sleep while flying. As a life-long insomniac, air travel usually means a sleep-less night, or at best fitful tossing, turning and squirming in an uncomfortable seat. Even when I’ve had the cushy opportunity to fly First or Business Class, sleep more often than not is elusive. The infographic below, from the international job placement firm Work The World, does however provide some good tips for you normal travelers.

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2 Responses to Sleep Is For The Weak

  1. worldofgem says:

    I can never sleep on long-haul flights, I think white noise is the only one that I haven’t tried. Will have to book my next trip to test it out, thanks for sharing!

  2. mvan231 says:

    This is fantastic! Great write up! Recently, my girlfriend and I were in the Philippines. For some reason, we both could not stay awake during the flight back even though we tried.

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