Embrace the Absurd

Word on the Street is a public art collaboration between the artist collective House of Trees and Times Square Arts. The project evolved from an exhibition of protest banners and signs from last year’s national Women’s March for resistance. The new version of Word on the Street is now up around New York City’s world famous Times Square.

Each of the art works is first fabricated by a group of female refugees based in Texas and then photographed and printed for display on pole banners and trash bins. The “Spring Edition” of Word on the Street includes pieces from renowned writers and artists, including the inimitable Laurie Anderson, A.M. Homes, Tania Bruguera, and Naomi Shihab Nye.

“Thoughts, fleeting and fragmentary – slogans, catch-phrases and images give us pause, prompt us to think (differently), re-frame the moment. These banners raise questions, entertain, provoke, they ask those passing by to engage, to respond, to stay active.”

– A.M. Homes

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