Coffee Makes The World Go Round (pt. 2)

Yesterday’s post on the new Museo Lavazza coffee museum in Turin got me thinking about just how important coffee is in my daily life and when I’m traveling. As a home roaster of raw green coffee beans, I take the brown elixir very seriously. When I’m away from home, one of the first things that I will do is search out local coffee houses. And not just any joe joint will do, I have to find the shops that do their own roasting, or at the very least purchase their beans from a local small scale roaster.

What’s your coffee routine when you are away from home? Is discovering local coffeeshops an important part of your travel experience ? How do you discover that special coffee spot? Drop me a note or make a comment below, if coffee makes your world go ’round too. Share some of your favorite brew spots from your travels or even your home town.

I have preferred coffee establishments wherever I travel. For example, in Reykjavik, I always try and stay within a 10-minute walk of Reykjavik Roasters. Iceland has a rich coffee culture, and Reykjavik is dotted with great coffee spots, but I love the small batch roasts and cozy atmosphere at RR. In fact, on my last visit, I rented an Airbnb on the same block so that I could get my fix first thing in the AM.


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1 Response to Coffee Makes The World Go Round (pt. 2)

  1. margaret21 says:

    Gosh. You’re clearly Serious About Coffee. I thought I was too till I read that you roast your own beans. I’m clearly not even trying. Nevertheless, if you’re in North Yorkshire, try Harrogate’s Bean and Bud. Its name tells you they are as serious about tea as they are about coffee, and they source beans and leaves with equal care, and watching the care they expend on making both is a joy. Tasting notes help you secure the best bean for your coffee of choice. Sit down. Relax. Enjoy.

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