Coffee Makes The World Go Round

Lavazza, the world famous coffee producer, has just opened it new headquarters at Piazza Nuvola in Torino, Italy. While that might not be exciting to some readers, those of us who think that coffee makes the world go round are thrilled. The stunning new corporate HQ also includes an all new Museo Lavazza, which takes a deep dive into coffee production, history, and culture, with 52 interactive installations.

Visitors to the museum are guided through the exhibitions by a “smart’ coffee cup, which activates digital displays. Along the five designated coffee routes, one can visit a coffee production facility, see historic advertising and media displays, learn about coffee consumption rituals, discover coffee culture mysteries, and even sample a unique museum blend.

The Museo Lavazza is open Wednesday through Sunday, with a 10€ admission fee for adults.

Torino, 12-04-2018. Inaugurazione nuova sede generale Lavazza chiamata Nuvola. nella foto il Museo Lavazza

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3 Responses to Coffee Makes The World Go Round

  1. margaret21 says:

    Firmly on my ‘to do’ list now. Thanks!

  2. That would be a museum with a difference, and a tasty treat at the end!

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