Coffee Makes The World Go Round (cont.)

Last week coffee played an inordinately large role in stories on TBTP. This week, I thought that I would follow-up with some feedback from readers on their favorite joe joints. The first suggestion that I received was from Micheal W., who offered a twofer—a coffee shop that is also a bookstore.

Michael’s preferred coffee spot/reading hangout is State College, Pennsylvania’s beloved Webster’s Bookstore & Cafe . The quirky downtown spot is a refuge for Happy Valley’s university students, staff, locals, and visitors. I actually spent sometime in Webster’s previous book/cafe years ago when I was at the Penn State University for a work conference. So I understand the affection for this institution, which is packed with more than 80,000 secondhand books and tons of vintage vinyl.

Webster’s was an early pioneer in sourcing Fair Trade and organic coffees. The shop also has been the go to cafe for vegan and vegetarian fare for decades. You can depend on the shop for both a great cup of coffee and terrific food. If you visit, be sure to check-out the Telepoem Booth. This installation, which is actually a retro-fitted 1970 phone booth, allows visitors to dial up recorded poetry on an old school rotary telephone—ask your grandparents about that. If you have a fav coffee spot from your travels, hometown, or university days, comment or message me.

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3 Responses to Coffee Makes The World Go Round (cont.)

  1. We used to have a beautiful bookshop in town with a café upstairs. Their food and coffee were excellent. Sadly it closed after many years. I felt quite bereft.

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