Do you believe in collaborative creation

Inspired by the popular National Novel Writing Month project — which has aspiring writers around the word producing a 50,000 word manuscript in the month of November — Boook.Land is one of the most engaging and original digital writing schemes in a while. Developed by three London-based creative types— Harry Boyd, Ben Chan and Malone Chen— the online project allows users to collaboratively produce a novel in real time.

When you log-in to the Boook.Land  you will be shown a continuous scroll of participant-generated text, along with the option to add your own writing or illustrations to the work in progress.

Here’s an example of what you might find on the site:

“Master Cheese slept in that next day and missed his appointment with the local cardiologist. He always did silly things like this during the warmer months. In continuing his morning rituals he reached for his record player and put on his Miles Davis LP that his father gave to him for his birthday many moons ago. Master Cheese walked into the put the kettle on for coffee, lit a cigarette and watched the local school kids eat their morning tea.”

The creators plan to print the finished novel at the end of November and of course keep a digital presence. So you have a couple of weeks left to get on board.



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