Blame it on the Beatles

“But no matter what one might think about the Beatles or the Animals or the Mindbenders, the results are the same – a generation of young people with sick minds, loose morals, and little desire or ability to defend themselves from those who would bury them. In conclusion it seems rather evident to this writer that the communists have a master music plan for all age brackets of American youth. We know from documented proof that such is the case for babies, one and two year olds with their rhythmic music; we know such is the case for school children with their rhythmic music and for university students with their folk music. What but rock and roll fits the teenager?”

I’ve seen images of the book cover for “Communism, Hypnotism and and the Beatles: An Analysis of the Communist use of Music -The Communist Master Music Plan” by Rev. David A. Noebel, 1965.  online for years and thought it was a joke, but here it is.

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1 Response to Blame it on the Beatles

  1. Sherry Felix says:

    You bring back a memory. I’ve heard of this book but never read it. I was a teenager then. So of course, brainwashed by the Beetles LOL.

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