Faroe Islands Closed For Maintenance

During the past year, it’s been impossible to read a travel magazine or blog without being told that the Faroe Islands is the next in place to visit for travelers who want to get off of the tourist trail. Of course, this has resulted in a rush to visit and the beginnings of the annoying over-tourism that we’ve seen—and experienced—elsewhere in Europe. In order to avoid some of the issues that places like Iceland have been coping with in recent years, the Faroe Islands will be having a temporary moratorium on tourists this April. The little video explains the plan and gives a peek at the beautiful country, which will paradoxically encourage more of us to visit.

h/t to Alda Sigmundsdóttir for the link to the story. If you’re considering a trip to Iceland, be sure to check out her blog and buy her fascinating books on Iceland. I highly recommend “The Little Book of Tourists in Iceland” and not because I’m mentioned in the dedications.


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2 Responses to Faroe Islands Closed For Maintenance

  1. Heather Stimmler says:

    Ugh, I would avoid the Faroe Islands until they stop slaughtering hundreds of whales and dolphins (including juveniles and pregnant females) supposedly for FOOD each year (they are one of EU’s largest EXPORTERS of fish and also are part of Denmark, with one of the highest standards of living in the world…they’re not poor islanders without other food sources). All townspeople come to the slaughters on the beaches as if it’s a big party and tell the tourists they’re “lucky” to see it. No thanks…. https://www.facebook.com/OpBloodyFjords/

    • Yikes, that’s awful. I’m still conflicted about visiting Iceland. I love the country, but they seem oddly OK with one disgusting rich guy killing Minke whales. When I’ve raised the issue with Icelanders, they all claim that no one in Iceland eats whale meat any more, so it’s not on them.

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