A Bookstore on Wheels

After 25 years as a school teacher, Melanie Moore was ready for a change. She long dreamed of opening her own bookstore , but was put off by the enormous start-up costs involved in launching a bricks and mortar shop. So, she did the next best thing and created the Cincy Book Bus: A Bookstore on Wheels. With help from her husband Tony, she transformed a vintage VW Transported truck into a beautiful rolling bookshop.

In 2018, Moore began making the rounds of regional markets, fairs, festivals, coffeeshops, schools, and local events in and around Cincinnati, Ohio.

Moore has committed to sharing the Book Bus profits with her community by buying books for local school libraries and literacy projects.

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1 Response to A Bookstore on Wheels

  1. David Davis says:

    I recently attended a convention where a bookmobile was on display. I asked how many works of 19th century European literature they typically carry. He said maybe one.

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