Reading Cities

When I am planning my travels, I always spend time reading about the destinations. Those of you who follow TBTP know that I am devoted to old school travel guidebooks, but I also do my due diligence by reading both fiction and nonfiction set where I plan to visit. The wonderful new, and still developing, website Reading The City is a great resource for ideas about background research on destinations as diverse as London, Johannesburg, Berlin, and Boston. You will discover thoughtful reading suggestions, as well as “city notes” on local history, architecture, urban design, tourism, and things to do. The website also solicits participation from readers in the form of our book recommendations. Take a look and even share your favorite reads on travel spots with the site creator Julia Feld.



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  1. Julia says:

    Hey Brian, just stumbled on your site and it’s really lovely! Thanks so much for such a kind note.

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