Reclaiming the Middle Seat

Anyone who has ever been stuck in middle seat hell will applaud the S1 (AKA the “Slip-Slide Seat”) clever redesign of airline middle seats from Colorado’s Molon Labe Designs. It sits a little back from the seats to either side, is slightly wider, and has slightly lower arm-rests—and in some configurations, it allows the aisle seat to be slid over it, temporarily widening the aisles and speeding boarding and unloading.

The “Slip-Slide Seat” has just had limited approval from the FAA and an unidentified airline in the U.S. will be trialing it on 50 planes by the end of 2020. The seats are heavier than regular seats and don’t recline, and are intended for short-haul flying. The company is working on other models for long-haul flights.

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1 Response to Reclaiming the Middle Seat

  1. Alien Resort says:

    As long as they’re not considering the pallets as another option.

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