Logical Unsanity at the 24 Hour Book Shed

Yarran Jenkins owns a successful, traditional antiquarian bookshop in Brisbane, Australia called The Book Merchant Jenkins, but he also operates a shop called the Bardon 24-hour Book Shed. For the past five years, Jenkins has stocked his “pay-what-you-want-or-can” bargain book barn with inexpensive secondhand titles. Located in the suburb of Bardon, the Logical Unsanity Books and Miscellaneous Phantasmagoria is a sometimes leaky, but always welcoming, hideaway for insomniacs, a sanctuary for bibliophiles, and an outlet for anyone searching for a reasonably priced read whatever their budget.  Jenkins acknowledges that some customers don’t actually pay for the books that they choose, but notes that more people donate their secondhand books to the shed than pilfer.

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1 Response to Logical Unsanity at the 24 Hour Book Shed

  1. Kelci Reedy says:

    This is so cool. Thank you for sharing.

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