London : Food For Thought

My favorite London travel book store Stanfords has opened a food-themed bookshop in a joint venture with street food pioneers KERB “to showcase London’s food and cultural history through literature,” the Bookseller reported. Market Bookshop will be a permanent fixture at the newly opened Seven Dials Market in Covent Garden.

The food-oriented bookshop will stock more than 400 titles, and each month Stanfords buyers will recommend new books for the collection. Stanfords has focused on map-making and travel books since 1853, but CEO Vivian Godfrey said the company hopes to expand into food literature.

“I am very excited that Stanfords has been able to partner with KERB to create our Market Bookshop offering everything we love about London: food, drink and adventure–in print,” she said. “Stanfords has been trading in Covent Garden since 1853 and is perfectly placed to showcase London’s food and cultural history through literature, in our bookshop.”


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