Ghost Ship

For the month of October, a Ghost Ship can be found on the Delaware River at Race Street Pier  on the Philadelphia waterfront. The Ghost Ship is a project created by artists Biangle Studio, curator Ryan Strand Greenberg, and the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation. The seasonally spooky Ghost Ship tells a story about Philadelphia’s history and the role of the Delaware River in shaping this city’s past, present, and future. You can read about it, or listen to in an audio tour on the project’s website here. But you have to be there to truly experience the 30 meter-long holographic, light and water installation.

Viewing the ship IRL is dependent on your location. The trick to viewing Ghost Ship is to keep moving. Going up and down  the Race Street Pier and then onto Delaware Avenue and back again and you’ll see different parts of the ship come into and out of focus. Although there is an excellent viewpoint if you stop right at the middle of the ship’s side on Race Street Pier. The installation is very effected by wind, so if you go on a less windy day or wait for wind to calm down whenever you go more of the installation will be in focus at those times.

Ghost Ship will be on view Wednesdays through Sundays from 7-10pm now through November 3rd.

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