Shakespeare and Company Paris

If you love books, and if you have ever been to Paris, it’s likely that you have also visited the iconic Shakespeare and Company bookshop. The legendary Paris bookseller recently shared a video exploring  artist Karine Diot’s book sculpture The Shakespeare & Company Bookstore. Here’s what she had to say about the project:

“I fell in love with the George Whitman passionating life and bookshop in Paris, and I wanted to give life and make tribute to this incredible ‘wonderful world of books’ as Henri Miller used to say,” the artist noted. “11 months later, more than 4300 tiny paper books later and based on ’70s photographs, I am proud to say that my goals are achieved! Everything is handmade, unique and the only paper I used are the pages of the book I choose to transform. Which one could have been better than a Shakespearian big and old book ?? 🙂 In my dreams, George would have appreciated and been proud of my work.”

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