New Zealand : Littlest Free Library

If you are familiar with the BBC television series Top of the Lake, you may also know that much of the outdoor shoots were in and around the tiny New Zealand village of Glenorchy. The mountain community quite literally sits at the top of the impressive Lake Wakatipu. And, if you are not au fait with TV dramas, the area maybe familiar since many scenes from the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit films were also shot in the neighborhood. There is not much to find in Glenorchy except gobsmackingly stunning mountain views and a great cup of coffee at the Trading Post. However, the town has a wonderful little free library.

The little lending library is located in front of Glenorchy’s biggest and busiest retail establishment. There are few shopping options in town, but Mrs Woolly’s General Store offers some basic food supplies, a fine cafe, and souvenirs for needy travelers. Surprisingly, they don’t seem to sell LOTR or Top of the Lake items. But if you’re on the road and want to swap out reading material, Mrs. Woolly’s little lending library is just the ticket.


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