Find Refuge In Coffee

Regular visitors to TBTP are likely aware of my slight obsession with coffee. When I travel, the first thing that I look for anywhere are good coffee spots. My preference is always in-house roasters, but I will settle for someplace with a connection with a specialty coffee roastery. In recent years, I’ve started roasting my own coffee with a small machine that will do batches of 250 grams at a time, but when I’m away from home I’m all about sourcing local coffee.

TBTP habituĂ©s may also be aware that one of the many places that I have lived over the decades is the state of Georgia. Although I didn’t live in Atlanta, I did spend lots of quality time there. So when I’m in the Peach State finding coffee destinations is a priority. The newest, and most interesting, coffeehouse in Atlanta is Refuge Coffee in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood near downtown.

The nonprofit specialty coffee company promotes the organization’s goal of providing a friendly, safe and agenda-free space where the refugee community can find jobs, training and opportunities, and where consumers find solid specialty coffees and light bites.

Opened on Monday, Feb. 3, the Refuge cafe fills a neighborhood coffee void left by the December closure of a Condesa Coffee. Coincidentally, one hundred years ago the old building housed one of the city’s best coffeehouse

The Refuge training program, which ideally runs for one full year, continues to be a full-time commitment for participants, who also earn a living wage during training. They have already employed refugees from 12 countries.

If you’re in Atlanta, be sure to check them out.


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