Take a Coffee Trip

If you have been keeping up with Travel Between The Pages, you know that along with books and travel coffee is one of my main obsessions. Here at TBTP World Head Quarters we are big fans of our friends at the European Coffee Trip blog. The guys have put together a terrific collaboration by coffee bloggers around the globe, who shared up to date visits with a selection of wonderful international coffee outlets. So sit back and take a coffee trip around the world. And be sure to check out the European Coffee Trip website.

Featured Coffee Shops

  • Chleba (BrnoCzech Republic)
  • The Cannon (Hamilton, Canada)
  • Grounded (Paris, France)
  • Roestwelt Kaffeekult (Siegen, Germany)
  • Lofty Coffee Co. (San Diego, United States)
  • Bay’s Coffee Co.(Chiang Mai, Thailand)
  • TRIBE Coffee Roasters (Limassol, Cyprus)
  • Sinamon (Perth, Australia)
  • Dorado Cafe (Budapest, Hungary)
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3 Responses to Take a Coffee Trip

  1. Reblogged this on shareblogger and commented:
    Recently i joined a group similar. Difference is you buy coffee for entertainers, that are struggling to find gigs with the covid19 epidemic. Basically the cup of coffee you buy for them they sit and have a internet conversation with you, while drinking coffee.

  2. time cupsoul says:

    We love this!! Thank you for sharing.

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