New York Is Book Country

New York is Book Country (1985). Keith Haring (American, 1958-1990). Poster. Printer: Panorama Press, NY.

Keith Haring created this exuberant book-lover’s poster for the New York Book Fair, which was held September 22, 1985, on the streets along 5th Avenue in Manhattan. The event was hosted by the New York Public Library, and a portion of funds were donated to support the Children’s Services department of the library. This would be a good year to have an outdoor book festival during Autumn in New York City.

Keith Haring used his art to confront many issues of his day,from Apartheid in South Africa, to the crack epidemic, and the scourge of AIDS, a disease that took his life in 1990.  What he will be doing on the streets and in the art world if he were still alive. He’d be 62 now, still an age where he’d have the creative energy imbued with wisdom and experience.

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