Sometimes You Just Have To Listen To Oprah

I don’t think that I’ve ever actually read O, the Oprah Magazine, but I recently heard about an issue that featured “17 Black-owned bookstores in America that amplify the best in literature.” It also recommended the favorite bookshops of renowned authors like Tayari Jones, Deshawn Winslow, Jacqueline Woodson, Nicole Dennis-Benn and Kiley Reid.

“While institutionalized racism and police brutality have long been a part of America’s history, millions across the country are now reconciling with and addressing generations of racial inequality,” The article’s author McKenzie Jean-Philippe wrote. “For some, that means taking to the streets in protest. For others, it’s uplifting the cause by supporting Black owned businesses, or seeking education through anti-racist literature. Because of the latter, one industry that’s seen an influx in support and attention are Black-owned bookstores. Many shops across the country are overwhelmed with customers due to the collective push to both ‘buy Black’ and read books written by Black authors.”

I was happy to find that the article featured some of my favorite local Philadelphia bookshops too:



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