Subarctic Road Trip

Those of you who follow TBTP on a regular basis know that I am slightly obsessed with all things Iceland. And of course I am already  planning my next visit—hopefully for early next summer. So, I was excited to read about the opening of their newest tourist road trip route the Diamond Circle. Although I’ve already driven most of the route in the past, I like the notion that local travel experts have laid-out a select route with regional highlights. Officially launched on September 6th the Diamond Circle formally opens in the Northeast corner of the country..

The Diamond Circle is a circuit spanning 250km (155 mi) that connects travelers to famous landscapes and historical sites. In particular, the route features five key destinations: Goðafoss, one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland, the blue and green landscapes of Lake MývatnDettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Europe, the crescent-shaped Ásbyrgi Canyon, and Húsavík, the oldest settlement in Iceland.

Along the Diamond Circle, you may also find some less well known places which are just as impressive as the famous destinations. Keep an eye out for the Tjörnes Peninsula which hides fossils and birds nests, the lush valley of Hólmatungur, the circular explosion crater Hverfjall, and numerous geothermal sites.

For a preview of the Diamond Circle and updates on the formal opening, take a look at the Diamond Circle Website.

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