Handle Without Care

These days, it’s sometimes difficult to tell if you are seeing an actual advertisement or something from The Onion. In this case, an Italian company called Crash Baggage is promoting a new line of suitcases that look like they’ve been savaged by baggage handlers during multiple trips, but they come straight from the factory looking this way. “What’s the first thing we think of when we buy a new suitcase?” the company writes. “We are afraid that it will be damaged.” To that end, they manufacture ABS and polycarbonate suitcases with dents molded right into them. “Our ‘Handle Without Care’ travel philosophy,” they write, “exalts freedom of movement and action where and when you want, without worry.”

The company makes three different sizes: Carry-on, Medium and Large, as well as a fanny pack. Check out their collection here.



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1 Response to Handle Without Care

  1. Do they have a version with premade scratches too? But I do actually think these look pretty cool! I remember a couple of years back seeing an article about a denim clothing company that made their denim “distressed” by giving it to tigers at the zoo to scratch at! I still think I’d feel I had to be careful about brand new luggage – even if it was designed imperfect.

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