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Luggage Hacks

If you have ever been locked out of your own suitcase or backpack, this clever hack is worth knowing. Hacks World on Youtube demonstrates how simple it is to bypass a luggage lock with a ballpoint pen.

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Backpacking 101

It’s been a quite a few years since I did any long backpacking trips around Europe, but I paid my dues with some three and four month journeys. Each episode is a learning experience on choosing the right gear and … Continue reading

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Airport Common Sense

Once upon a time I loved to hangout at airports. I drove travel companions batty by always trying to get to the airport early. I would even volunteer to pick-up friends and family members when they flew. Now, like everyone … Continue reading

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Don’t Make This Mistake in Venice

The city council in Venice, Italy has introduced a law that can result in fines of €100 to €500 for dragging wheeled luggage or baggage across the city’s cobblestone streets or walkways. The law was enacted to address two issues: … Continue reading

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What’s On Your Shoulder

I never gave much thought to the aesthetics of my backpacks; in fact I traveled with the same battered book bag for almost twenty years until it fell apart. But the folks at Eastpak think quite a bit about the … Continue reading

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I Want An eBag Tag Too

This month British Airways is introducing their innovative Electronic Bag Tag that will do away with the need for paper luggage tags for each flight. Created in partnership with Designworks UK , the smart tag will allow flyers to update … Continue reading

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No More Lost Luggage

Last year airlines lost more than twenty-six million pieces of luggage in North America alone. Now there’s a new gadget that will provide flyers with a better chance at being reunited with missing baggage. The Trakdot Luggage Tracker, which will … Continue reading

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Do You Ever Wonder…

Do you ever wonder what happens to your checked airline baggage once it disappears down the conveyor belt and behind those mysterious rubber flaps? Well, this eye-opening, time-lapse video, entitled “Behind- the- Scenes: Your Bag’s Journey on Delta”, follows a … Continue reading

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