2020 Reading Habits

The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic forced most of the world to spend more time at home and provided many with unexpected time for leisure activities. Some folks decided to learn a new language, others took up new hobbies, but booklovers discovered the opportunity to get through their reading piles. The infographic below demonstrates just how reading habits changed around the world. The editing and proofreading service Global English Editing gathered these statistics from various sources, including Pew Research and Amazon’s bestsellers page. It found 35 percent of web users worldwide reported reading more during the pandemic, and 14 percent said they read significantly more. This trend was most dramatic in China, where 44 percent of respondents said they increased their reading time due to the coronavirus.


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1 Response to 2020 Reading Habits

  1. hana@marioaviladesign.com says:

    Interesting. Fun. But the % of people in the USA not reading any books is clearly not because the poor don’t own smartphones.

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